Sunday, November 29, 2015

Drapey sweater uniform: the sequel (because Modcloth has 25% off)

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Remember when I decided that my working-from-home uniform was going to be leggings and a tunic-length sweater/cardigan, and then I looked at all the stores and didn't find anything that I really wanted? And I bought nothing. How did I forget about Modcloth? I guess because I don't shop there much unless I am looking for a really short dress covered in a twee forest animal motif (i.e. never). But it turns out that Modcloth is drapey sweater heaven. And they have 25% off everything right now with code FUNDAY, so maybe I will actually pick something this time. Here's what I'm considering:

Simply Snuggly Cardigan in Forest ($70): I really like the navy and green color scheme of this one, though in general I'm not a huge fan of open front cardigans. Give me a damn button or something!

(The rest below the break in case you don't GAF about sweaters and want to scroll on past to the lipstick.)

Cozy Over Here Cardigan ($60): Again, love the colors. Again with the open front. Plus it only comes in two sizes: S/M and M/L, and in my experience those usually translate to S and M. I am suspicious. The sizing information only gives the length.

Your Fireside of the Story Cardigan in Cream ($45): I really like this and it's cheaper than the others. I used to have a sweater almost exactly like this a decade ago. But it might be too short for what I have in mind (I'm 5'9").

Flow One Better Cardigan ($56): Too witchy? Or just witchy enough?

Espresso Bean Dream Cardigan ($60): Again with the open front!!! And the reviews say it pills badly. But it's pretty.

Touch of Tranquil Jacket ($50): Modcloth also has a lot of things like this. I was seriously considering it, but then I thought maybe my cat would be too enticed by that awesome fringe. I may need this though. It has very high reviews.

It's possible that I've now talked myself out of buying any of these. That is the blessing and the curse of writing posts like this, which require me to analyze things carefully. I think I'm leaning most toward the first one. At least you know I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm not an impulsive shopper.


  1. I've always been hesitant to buy anything from Modcloth because I feel like their prices are waaaaaay too high for the actual quality of their items, but the Flow One Better cardigan is truly testing my convictions. Just witchy enough!

    1. I've only ever bought things during sales. And yeah, isn't that one interesting!?

  2. I was browsing Modcloth earlier today, because you know - sale. They have some really cute stuff, but their prices are not particularly budget friendly. I found a few things I liked, but just couldn't pull the trigger on anything.
    The first one is pretty cool. I like the colors and simplicity of the cut. Open front cardigans feel weird you intend to wear them underneath a coat. If you are intending to wear it at home and not going to put anything on top it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

    1. Yes, nothing is cheap but a lot of times the quality is cheap, so I'm hesitant to buy anything without a lot of reviews. When everything is polyester and acrylic, it's hard to tell what might be good. That's a good point - I would probably just wear it at home. In which case maybe I don't want to spend $50 on it, though.

    2. That does seem a bit pricy for house cloths. Did you ever check out Ann Taylor/Loft/GAP sweaters? They run pricy too, but they all currently have 40-50% Cyber Monday sale. Plus, Ann Taylor often has 40-60% off their sale section. When I lived in New York most of my sweaters came from Ann Taylor. Occasionally I did encounter something particularly cheaply made, but for those you have easy in store returns (if there is a store near you).

  3. I tried on the Simply Snuggly Cardigan at their Fit Shop - I liked it! It felt thick and heavy and good quality fabric. Still trying to justify the price tag though..... even with 25% off :P


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