Wednesday, October 28, 2015

25% off + free shipping on everything from Paula's Choice

This might actually be the best sale I've ever seen from Paula's Choice. I don't think they usually go above 20% off. Use code SPOOKYSCARY. Expires Oct. 31.

You can also get $10 off a $15+ order with a new account if you use someone's invite link to sign up (here's mine). If you want some ideas about what to buy (and what to skip), here is my Paula's Choice tag.


  1. I want to want something, but I don't. I stocked up on things I like during Labor Day sale. And I'm not ready to experiment with new stuff just yet

    1. I haven't decided if I need to get any of my staples, but I probably should. It always takes longer to finish things than I expect, though.


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