Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lime Crime given warning by FDA for selling adulterated product (Velvetine in Red Velvet)

If you are using this product, you might want to stop (in case all of the other issues with Lime Crime haven't already deterred you). Here's the FDA warning letter. They seem to be using ingredients in the product that are not considered safe for use on the lips (ferric ferrocyanide and ultramarines). Apparently the ingredients list on their website no longer includes these two substances, so the other possibility is that they were mislabeling things, which is also not great.

I'm deep in packing and moving mode this week (and I also have to fit in a quick trip across the border to Toronto for a symposium in the midst of it all), so I wasn't planning to post until I finished with all the chaos, but this seemed important enough to mention quickly.


  1. It's depressing how many people still buy Lime Crime after everything that's come to light over the last, what, eight years? It just goes to show how powerful online hype and the desire for shiny new things can be. But come on, people: there are DOZENS of brands that sell similar products and don't have a long history of extreme shadiness.

  2. FDA can be rather odd in their rulings at times - think of the 'non eye safe' pigments that are eye safe in Europe, and carbon black, so the ingredients' presence don't bother me that much. That said, I think mislabeling, plus all the history of bullshit, is more than enough reason to boycott lime crime till the ends of time.

  3. I need y'all's advice. I buy & resell cosmetics on Mercari & Red Velvet happens to be one I have up for sale. It's the only remaining Red. Cashmere, Pink & Wicked are rest of stock I have & I'll never buy from their site nor their products again. That bullshit must be why my lips peeled and hurt after using some/most of the colors. I only have Pink for myself now. Second thinking it right about now. What should I do about the Red? Warn folks and sell
    It if they want it? Tell them to buy at their own risk? Throw it away? Give it away? Help, advice please? I don't want to hurt anyone.

  4. What a HELLA way to celebrate my birthday yesterday. I wake up today to read this after a good day, this awful news scares me. I don't know how to reach the other clients who bought Red from me the past few years! I feel like shit now.

  5. Yikes, the horror stories about this brand just continue, huh... Thanks for sharing!


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