Monday, July 6, 2015

Please ignore the EWG when they tell you not to use your sunscreen

I've made this point a million times by now, probably. I don't care. It's worth reiterating. The Environmental Working Group is not a reliable source of information about cosmetics safety or science in general. It is a lobbying group that was started by personal injury lawyers. Think about the implications of that for a minute. So when they give you a list of "dangerous" sunscreens to avoid, ignore it. Find a more credible source like, say, the Skin Cancer Foundation.

A quick summary of what the Skin Cancer Foundation says: despite the claims of the EWG, there is no evidence that using sunscreens that contains oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate will harm you. You know what causes a proven, serious risk of cancer? Sun exposure without protection.

You already knew that. Just making sure. So use whatever full spectrum sunscreen works best for you.

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