Monday, June 1, 2015

Tweezerman is on HauteLook right now

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These tweezers are really a whole order of magnitude better than your usual drugstore tweezers. There, I said it. They always get the hair you want them to get - none of that bullshit where you try to pull one out, and you yank on it, and then it slips out of the tweezers, and you've hurt yourself for nothing. I think it's actually cost effective, because you can spend $12-20 and keep using them forever, instead of rage-buying a new pair of cheaper tweezers every couple of years.

I have a set that I got on sale from Sephora a couple of years ago with a mini slant pair and a mini point pair. I am not sure I have ever used the pointy ones. I think the mini tweezers are perfectly easy to use, and maybe more so than bigger ones, so I would recommend just grabbing a mini slant pair from this sale for $12. There's a regular-size slant tweezer for $16, as well.

Shipping is going to be $5-8, so it might be best to combine orders, if you need something else. Cole Haan and Miz Mooz are also on the site at the moment, if you need some shoes. And there are always good kitchen gadgets and storage stuff. You need an account to browse HL, so all the above links are referral links.

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