Monday, May 25, 2015

Butter London is on HauteLook today (50% off or more)

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Dammit, I was just going to pass this information along and ignore it, but Two Fingered Salute is included in the sale, and I've been wanting that for two years (or however long it's been around). Should I?

Individual bottles are $7.50 (i.e. half price), and there are also sets, and lip products, mascara, etc., for a variety of prices.

Doing any Memorial Day shopping? (It's kind of weird that this is a shopping holiday, right?)

ETA: Oops, I bought Two Fingered Salute and Posh Bird.


  1. Damn it, I made the mistake of looking up swatches of Two Fingered Salute and now I've gone and bought it too (along with Disco Bsicuit). My cat recently had to make a trip to the emergency vet clinic and racked himself up a nice mountain of medical bills, so I've been doing my best to avoid looking at my email until tomorrow to stave off doing any further damage to my bank account.

    1. Sorry for enabling! I hope TFS is as good in person as in photos, for both our sakes.


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