Friday, January 2, 2015

Lawsuit against Revlon CEO for discrimination alleges racist remarks

Did you hear about this one? Not sounding good. You can read more about it from Glitter Gloss Garbage (along with a list of other brands owned by the company, in case you want to boycott). I wonder how much longer he'll last as CEO.

Update: There are also allegations that he tried to ignore or cover up safety concerns with ingredients, which is also worrying.

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  1. I find the comments made on the post amusing. If you've already spent money on the product, don't bother to throw it away. Just don't re-buy it. You're not going to make the company loose revenue by throwing away something AFTER you've purchased it. Besides, these same people will probably purchase everything when Revlon apologizes, increasing their profits.
    The CEO will probably be fired since no amount of good PR can handle it


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