Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Free 1 year ShopRunner membership for Amazon Prime customers who have not yet renewed and for American Express card holders

ShopRunner is a free 2-day shipping service that is available for certain stores. If you regularly shop at any of those sites, it's pretty handy to have, because you get fast, free shipping with no minimum. I've used it a lot for Drugstore.com during the past two years that I've had an account. You can also use it places like Newegg, Petsmart, GNC, shoes.com, and a bunch of other stores, including a number of clothing retailers.

Normally it's $79 a year, but right now they are offering free 1-year memberships for people who have Amazon Prime but haven't yet renewed it, and for "eligible" American Express card holders. For $79, you'd have to use the service quite a bit for it to be worthwhile - but for free? Definitely worth it. Drugstore.com alone regularly has makeup stuff that is hard to find in stores and also has good promotions. There are also special deals on the ShopRunner site for members.

If you click my invite link (I get $10), you'll find banners at the top of the ShopRunner page advertising these free memberships (you can just go to their website without clicking my link, if you prefer). There is also a list of all the stores this works for on the linked pages.

(Unfortunately, it doesn't work if your Amazon Prime account is a trial one, or if you've already renewed it, or if you already have a ShopRunner account. Boo.)


  1. Sweet! Just signed up using your link.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate it. I really have found it useful, but haven't thought it was worth recommending for $79 (that's a luxury!). But definitely nice to have for free.


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