Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quick review: e.l.f. Studio Makeup Remover Pen

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So this is a review of a somewhat odd product that is actually quite useful if you are a clumsy person who is often in a hurry, like I am. If you have a bad habit of ending up with flecks of mascara on your face, because you stabbed yourself in the eye, because you were in a terrible rush to finish your makeup, because you were running late, because you're disorganized, because you are a human mess, this is a product you could consider.

It's a marker. It's shaped like a sharpie, with a firm, white, felt tip point (see it here). If you make a small mess, it's much more precise than a Q-tip, so you don't have to redo all of your under-eye concealer or your eyeshadow or whatever. Observe:

Before: Mascara mess.
After: Disaster averted.
I should have included a dime or something for scale, though maybe the tiny freckle above the swatch serves that purpose to some extent. The swatch was made with a typical eyeshadow brush (a little over a centimeter wide) and the black specks are from the bristles of a mascara brush. You can achieve precise removal using the e.l.f. pen, and then you only need to do a little bit of patching and blending to fix things up. I don't know of another method/tool that allows for as precise cleanup. (Suggestions?)

The pen is weird. I've had it for several months, and it's still working. But it feels light and empty. If you shake it, you don't hear any liquid inside. The tip feels quite dry to the touch. Mysterious, and yet totally functional.

After you use it to clean up a few specks of mascara or whatever, I recommend wiping off the tip on your hand or a kleenex, otherwise it will end up smearing the product around instead of removing it.

Watch for 50% off sales from e.l.f. and you can get this thing for $1.50, or you can get it for $3 from Target. It has come to my rescue after many a morning's disaster during which, 5 minutes before I was about to head out the door, my house was filled with the sounds of MOTHERFUCKER FUCKING SHIT FUCK GODDAMN IT! You know what I'm talking about.


  1. ELF also makes a cuticle pen with a similar design (but white) and that's great for chiseling random nail polish debris off your nails! Strange, but if it works...?

    1. Oh, I haven't tried that one, interesting!

  2. I need that. I am always smudging mascara everywhere.

  3. As another suggestion for cleanup - have you tried out the Q-tips Precision Tips swabs? They're just pointed q-tips, and a pack of 170 is three dollars and some change, depending where you get it. On the one hand you might need a makeup remover to use with it for makeup that's already set (I use a cheap CoverGirl one) but on the other hand, I feel like they're a little more sanitary.

    1. Oh cool, I hadn't heard of those. I actually don't currently own any makeup remover (I just use my gentle face soap and/or Cetaphil lotion), but it might work with lotion anyway. That's a good point - there's no real way to clean the tip of this thing. It might be best not to use super close to the lash line for that reason.


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