Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cut & Blow has terrible/nonexistent customer service and you shouldn't shop there

I'm fucking pissed. Just be prepared and skip this one if that's not your jam. But I do advise against patronizing this company, so I hope this information is useful to someone. I don't want anyone getting screwed over.

A while ago, I posted about a new Essie collection that was for sale from Cut & Blow, one of the millions of new flash sale sites out there. I noted that I had never purchased from them, so caveat emptor. I should have said CAVEAT FUCKING EMPTOR, I guess. Recently, I decided to buy something from the site, but I had a simple question I wanted answered before placing my order. I had a little credit in my account from when I signed up, and I wanted to know how to apply it to my order. That's some basic fucking information for a company that offers credits. There was a tab under my account info that displayed how much credit I had. No expiry date, and no information about how to claim it. That made me realize that they have almost NO FUCKING INFORMATION whatsoever on their website. So annoying. Like what kind of business doesn't at least have a Help or FAQ section? Or, hmmm, a FUCKING CONTACT PAGE?

Yeah, I'm irritated. If you skip around the site for a while, you'll find a tiny email address on the "About Us" page. It's the same address from which they send you promotional emails, by the way. I emailed that address with my question on Sept. 25. When I got no response a few days later, I tweeted at them. Nothing. Their Twitter account hasn't been updated since August. On Sept. 30 I emailed them again. As of today, I've still heard nothing from them (10 days since I first contacted them).

Here's what has really infuriated me. Today, as I started to write this post, I went back to the website to make sure for the 1352 time that I had looked absolutely everywhere and not missed any magical source of information. And guess what? My credit is fucking gone! There is is, right at the top of the page: "My Credit: $0.00," when there was a balance there only a day or two ago. They still have a link encouraging me to invite people and get credit, and no information at all about credit expiring, ever. That's some shady shit! Did they read my emails and delete my credit? OR WHAT? I have no idea, because they will not communicate with me.

I'm just going to go ahead and not recommend that you buy anything from this company. At this point, I'd be worried about ordering something and it not showing up, or there being some other problem with my order, and there's just a complete lack of customer support. I hope that if you ordered something from them in the past, you didn't have any problems. But if you did, please comment here to let everyone know!

I'm going to link to them right now, so that maybe they can see that they're getting negative feedback, since they clearly don't pay attention to anything else. But I'm going to remove any other links to them from my site.


  1. I had the exact same thing happen to me!!! I found your blog searching for "cut & blow customer service". I emailed them once and got a stupid response that didn't make any sense, I tried again and never got a response.

    1. Ugh! After more than a month, they wrote me back and said, "Sorry, we get a lot of email. How much was your credit?" After I'd told them in the email how much my credit was. It was just meant to blow me off, I think. So I sent an angry reply. If they get too much email to handle, they should hire more people! Or, um, hmmm, have some information on their website so everyone doesn't have to email them, maybe? Terrible!


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