Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The frustration of finding makeup matches for WOC (and why foundation is never going to look "natural", sorry) (From The Toast)

This article talks about the options for women whose skin is darker than "medium fair", as well as all the limitations. There are also tips on using concealer that apply to those of us who don't have such a hard time finding products at the drugstore.

And the makeup artist author points out that you can have even coverage OR naturally-looking skin, but not both. So it's not that I just haven't found the right foundation that will look invisible on my skin. It doesn't exist, despite what all the blog reviews try to tell me. Time to lower the expectations, I guess. Or just stick with concealer and powder, like usual, and save myself some money.


  1. ...

    OK, super, 100% coverage is difficult. Particularly texture--if you've got acne scars, quite often you can cover the colour but not the texture. Nothing you can do about that unless you use something with a filling texture. I've had mild success with silicate based primers. But colour? You need to go away from the big brands.

    Two things which you might consider trying--Iman has a range of foundations out there for WOC, and Meow cosmetics has the single best range of colours of foundation I've ever seen (Disclosure: I am not a WOC.) If you go to the delphi forums linked to from the site, you can get colour help if you upload a photo of yourself with a bare face in natural light.

    If you take care with application and possibly have a wetting spray like MAC Fix+ (Oh honestly, just water), I believe mineral makeup can offer as close to full coverage and natural looking texture as you'll find anywhere.

  2. Thanks - these are really useful tips too. I'm not a WOC either, fyi. I haven't liked the results of mineral foundation plus spray, personally, but I'm really picky about seeing the texture of makeup on my skin. It's just a weird personal thing. I know a lot of people who wear full coverage makeup and look great.


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