Monday, August 26, 2013

Slower than slow

I know things have already been slow around here for the past month, but this week I'm going to be traveling for a work thing, so it'll be even slower. I have a couple of posts queued up, but unless I find the time and inspiration while I'm away to write anything else, that's about it. I know, I know, you're heartbroken. What will you do with yourself without my reviews of $3 eyeliner? I recommend just putting your life completely on hold until I get back.


  1. Dear Madame,

    I WILL MISS YOUR POSTS. How dare you sass me.

    Please accept this snarky comment as an official request for your "Go to face." A step by step of your average beauty routine in the mornings. I'm especially interested in this no-foundation concealer + powder thing you have going on. Wait, that's you, right? Am I confusing you with someone else? Where am I?

    1. That's a good idea, and yes, that's me, in part because I have never found a foundation I didn't hate. Though I just discovered one on my trip and bought it! I'm still not going to wear it every day, though. I've actually had plans to do a post like that for a while now. I'll definitely make sure I actually follow through once my new apartment is organized enough that I can find what I need, and I figure out where I can take decent photos. My last place had a sunroom, which was perfect, but this one doesn't. I feel a little self conscious taking makeup selfies outside in a shared space. But I will sort it out!

      (Apologies for the babbling - sleep-deprived in an airport at the moment.)


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