Monday, July 1, 2013

Quick Review: ULTA Lip Butter (photo, swatch, review, comparison)

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ULTA Lip Butter in London.
I recently got the ULTA Lip Butter in London, to see how it compared to the Revlon lip butters, which I like and others love. I reviewed and swatched some here.

Basically, the ULTA product is very similar in every way to the Revlon lip butters. (If you haven't tried the Revlon lip butters, check out the link above for my review with more info about their properties.) If you like the Revlon version, these are worth a try, especially on sale, and especially since they have a few different colors, including the one I'm showing here. ULTA brand makeup goes on sale frequently, so I don't advise buying it full price, ever. Wait a week for another sale.

I only bought one color, London, but I like it better than any of the Revlon ones I have (and I have several). It's most comparable to Peach Parfait in its texture and finish, though the shade is different - cooler, pinker, more pigmented. The ULTA lip butter seems slightly more moisturizing, but nevertheless it lasts as long or longer then the Revlon before fading (which is not a long time, but a few hours without eating).
Natural light: ULTA Lip Butter in London.
With flash: ULTA Lip Butter in London.
Have you tried any of these? Thoughts?


  1. Thanks I was looking for a review on this.

  2. Thanks! Needed to see the color on a person!

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