Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Okay, I'll stop with the xoVain bashing soon, mostly because I don't want to keep linking to them, but . . .

Read the comments on this post. So funny! Readers complaining that they they can't trust the advice in sponsored posts like this, and the editors being all, "But we have to get the monies somewhere!! What do you expect??" 

I don't know, maybe not three glowing reviews of the same product that generally has a pretty shitty reputation among consumers? I guess it's not a surprise, but yeah . . . you can't trust reviews like this. And they basically admit that they agreed to shill this stuff under certain terms. I guess it puts them in a weird position, but you can't have it all as a beauty blog. You can't have ALL THE MONEY and be honest and also convince people you're not just hawking shit. The EIC says, "I genuinely like it. I would've written the bare minimum if I didn't." Oh, good. You still would have recommended it if you hated it, just with fewer words.

[Insert Christian Bale, "OH GOOD FOR YOU," here.]

I mean, they are clear and open about their sponsorship in some cases, which makes them significantly better than most beauty magazines, but you still can't get upset when readers find this nonsense annoying. 

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