Sunday, April 7, 2013

Do you know of a cheap dupe for Too Faced Lip Insurance Primer?

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I got a sample of this stuff from Sephora recently, not expecting much from it, but I was really impressed. Damn! I hate it when I like expensive shit. But this really makes lip gloss work better: it makes it more pigmented/brighter/darker, and it sticks and lasts significantly longer. It's some kind of magic. I've been looking for a cheap alternative without any luck, though it seems like such a basic product. Does anyone out there know of one? I am really reluctant to spend $20 on a full size tube of this (or anything else, really) - but I like it enough that I might have to. I want to make sure there isn't something less expensive out there first, though.

I'm thinking I might try some eyeshadow primer, though most of mine have some kind of beige or white pigment in them. I will report back if I have any luck.

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  1. It's clear? You could try Sally Hansen's newish lip primer, it's called the plumping lip primer & it comes in a tube, it looks just like lip balm. it tingles significantly, so don't use it if you have super sensitive lips, but i have sensitive lips (products that others say have a mild tingle i think have a pronounced tingle) and i'm okay with it.

    it helps crappy formulas of lipstick go on more smoothly and last longer. i haven't really tested it with high quality lipsticks or lip glosses, though i should try it out with lip gloss. i don't think it affects pigmentation, i'm not sure though. i did review it a little while back.

    worth a try, probably, esp if you keep your receipt & return if you're not happy w/ it.


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