Wednesday, April 17, 2013

12-piece ULTA brand makeup kit with $19.50 purchase of ULTA brand products PLUS free shipping on $25 orders today only

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link.
Here's what I did to get a bunch of stuff for about $1.75 each (if you divide the cost evenly among the items):

Add ULTA cosmetics totaling (at least) $19.50. The three I chose came to $20. You need to make sure that what you've chosen is labelled "Special Free Gift With Purchase". This note will also show up under the item in your cart. Sale items don't count. Here's a link to all my posts tagged ULTA so you can check out reviews/swatches. There's some good stuff to choose from, particularly their eyeliners, lip pencils, and cheek stain. The nail polishes are also good, but I haven't swatched them, so do some googling.

Then you'll get to choose your free gifts. Choose an eyeliner/eyeshadow combo (I highly recommend the Teal liner with the Aztec Gold eyeshadow - I would have chosen it if I didn't already have those). Then choose a 10-piece gift bag. You don't get to see exactly what's in it, but once you pick one, you can click on the link in your cart and look at the photos. There is a lipstick, lip gloss, blush, mascara, some brushes, nail polish, and some skin care thing that I didn't identify. The pink bags have more pinkish products, while the yellow ones have more nudish/neutrals.

You can stop here and pay $6 for shipping, or you can add another $5 or so to get it free, if you are still under $25 (free shipping for $25 only applies today, Wed., April 17). The code is SHIPWED.

I decided to add a couple of hand soaps to get there, since we're almost out - i.e. I needed them anyway. I picked out two of those plus the $2 travel size body wash, because you get a mini fragrance with $10 worth of select ULTA anti-bacterial and bath products. These deals are all under the sale link at the top right of the ULTA website.

So that's it. I also had enough points to get $3 off, but even with out that, I would have ended up paying less than $2 per item.

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