Saturday, March 9, 2013

Poll on slightly censoring Cheap as Fuck's title

I wonder if my blog's super-awesome title might be off-putting to some readers, or at least make them think twice about loading it up when certain people might glance over their shoulders. I'm not very flexible, however, so the most I'm willing to do is change "fuck" to "f*ck". Is there any use in doing that? Is it better or worse? I'm not going to stop writing "fuck" or anything else in the body of my posts - it would just be the title. What do you think?

Please vote in the poll on the upper right of the page. I'll keep it there for a week. If you have any thoughts that are not addressed by the poll options, please leave them in the comments of this post. Thanks!


  1. So I love the name as-is. However, my friends and I can't peek in on your blog while we're at work. We're in a typical office environment, and our coworkers/bosses would get too curious about our lunchtime blog hopping if we had "cheap as fuck" displayed so large on the screen (your header is rather large).

    1. But if it were "Cheap as F*ck", would that mean you could look at it at work? Or would it still have the same problem?

    2. Yes, censoring the title would fix that.


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