Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Speaking of things that burn . . .

I bought myself this Badger Stress Soother aromatherapy stuff, because . . . I don't know why, honestly. I figured I'd experiment with aromatherapy a bit. Even if it's just a placebo of some kind, maybe I can placebo myself into calming down and writing my fucking dissertation.

On the package, it says to massage it into "hands, temples, or forehead". But since the scent isn't really that strong, I thought I'd rub it right under my nose. It doesn't say to rub it on your nose (though the other varieties suggest that), but it doesn't say not to, either.

HOLY SHIT BAD IDEA. It has several very irritating essential oils in it (e.g. spearmint, tangerine, lavender, etc.). I put it on my nose on Monday afternoon, and it is now Wednesday, and the skin around my nostrils is still red and flaky and sore. Ugh. Not pleasant.

It's totally fine on my hands, though. I've been rubbing it on the back of my hands and sniffing it for the last couple of days. Just be careful of essential oils on sensitive/broken skin or near mucous membranes, folks!

Not sure if it's helping with stress, yet. It smells nice, but the spearmint sort of overpowers the other fragrances, and it's not my favorite of the lot. I also ordered the Focus Balm (which I could only find on the Badger website, Amazon, and eBay), so we'll see what that's like. I'll report back if I experience any miracles.

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