Thursday, February 28, 2013

50% off Studio makeup from e.l.f. with $25 purchase

Today through March 4. Use code STUDIO50.

Most of their best stuff is from the Studio line. Check out my e.l.f. tag to see what I've reviewed and suggestions for what to try or avoid.


  1. Well shit.....guess I know what I will be doing online later.

  2. Ok hi-five for you because you just made my life way easier. There are only 2 places near me who sell elf and they are NEVER fully stocked. So I basically just bought everythingthat I "need" to get from them. I finally got that stupid concealer brush for nail clean up. I got that amaze balls mascara you suggeated, as well as some lip balms and mattes I've wanted. And joy of joys some pigments to make nail polish with. All things that i'd be tearing my hair out everytime I go shopping because its ALWAYS empty. And all for under $20. *happy dance

    1. Oh my god, you're going to have so much fun.


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