Monday, December 10, 2012

Fix Your Face: Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara Review

Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara in Blackened Brown

I just wanted to give you my impression of this mascara in case you are thinking of picking it up at the CVS sale (I got it for $2.25). If you don't have a CVS nearby, or it's sold out, it's also on sale for $2.29 on Ulta's website.

It has an adjustable brush that is supposed to let you choose between "Length and Drama" or "Length and Definition". Basically you turn the end of then brush handle and it shifts the bristles so that they are all aligned or staggered. I'm not sure that the position of the bristles actually makes any difference. You be the judge:

"Length and Drama" setting
"Length and Drama" setting
"Length and Definition" setting
So there you are. The way mascara works varies from person to person, depending on the type of lashes you have, and the effect you're going for. This might be worth a shot for under $3. It's a little clumpier than I usually like, but it's pretty good. It has the kind of spiky plastic bristles that Covergirl Lash Exact et al. have. I didn't have any problems with smearing or flaking at all. I'll to keep using it for the next few months.

The one thing I don't like is the color. Blackened Brown? It just looks black to me. I prefer to have a brown and a black mascara on hand, but this doesn't really fit into the brown category. The brush is also weirdly bendy. Like it's flexible where it attaches to the wand. This doesn't really affect its performance, but it's unusual.

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