Thursday, November 1, 2012

Badass Hair: Goody Spin Pins

Well, maybe badass is a little but of an exaggeration. But badass in terms of how much they will not fucking let go? Yes!

(Note: I got a set of these for free to review in my Influenster box. But I already had some that I’d bought a few weeks previous and was planning to review. I’m very happy to have spares now.)

These things are awesome (and usually under $6):

Let me start by emphasizing how completely hair illiterate I am. Most days I brush my hair. Some days I even blow dry it. But things like ponytails and headbands are beyond me.

I’ve been known to do a messy bun with a hair elastic, but it always looks pretty fucking stupid, and is in no way an actual style. Usually I do not leave the house like that.

Okay, so when I use these my hair isn’t exactly stylish. But it’s nice and neat and these fuckers keep everything in place FOREVER. You can go out in the wind and do jumping jacks or head bang or whatever, and your hair will not move. No product necessary. Here’s what I managed with my meagre skills and creativity in under 2 minutes:

It’s basic, but it looks a hell of a lot better than an elastic tangled at the back of my head. I totally recommend these things. I mean, I can’t promise that they’re good for super-thick hair, because mine is really just medium-thick. Read reviews. But they come in lighter and darker versions and two different sizes. They’re foolproof and awesome.

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