Friday, June 1, 2012

Websites for the cheap as fuck

I spend probably way too much of my time looking at deal/sale/shopping/free stuff websites. But that makes me an expert! So here are the best ones I’ve come across. If you know of others, please pass them along! I’ll update this post when I collect more.

Note: I am going to use my referral link for the sites that have them. If you don’t want to use it for whatever reason (though it would be just lovely if you did), google these instead.

Deal and Sales Blogs

Slickdeals: Frequently updated list of good deals. If you make yourself an account, you can control what kind of things you see based on your interests. Beware, I have bought many things I never imagined I needed, because I found them for cheap on Slickdeals.

Hip2Save: Coupons, freebies, deals.

Drugstore Divas: Deals blog.

TheBargainist: Coupons, sales, freebies.

Nouveau Cheap: Posts about sales, coupons, new products, and reviews of (mostly) drugstore beauty products.

Beauty Advice and Product Reviews

Beautypedia: Reviews of products based on scientific research, with information about value/price. See more here.

Stuff I Put on Myself: A Makeup Blog: By the awesome cartoonist, Natalie Dee. She has a feature called The Pig, where she tells you what not to waste your money on.

Coupons, Promotional Codes, and Cash Back

eBates: Get cash back when you shop online. You have to click through this website to get the the store in order to get your money. Almost any store you can think of is on here, except Amazon. Even Groupon, which I always forget! I’ve got about $40 back in the last 10 months, which isn’t a ton, but it’s something. When you sign up, you also get a bonus (gift card, I think). It’s free to sign up. Also lists sales and coupon codes. Pretty much the same as eBates, but maybe with more coupon codes.

RetailMeNot: Coupon codes for online shopping. Pretty much the same as RetailMeNot.

Free Shipping (Note: You have to pay to sign up for these, ordinarily. Watch for free trials on Slickdeals, etc.)

ShopRunner: Free 2-day shipping from a bunch of stores with your subscription. Normally $8.96/month or $79 a year, which is kind of worth it if you buy more than one thing from any of these stores per month. You can get a free 30-day trial right now. Personally, I use it most often on, though things that have to be shipped ground, like nail polish, doesn’t qualify. Petsmart and NewEgg are other good ones. It keeps saying Ulta is coming soon, but it’s still not available!

Amazon Prime: I think everyone knows about this, but you get 2-day shipping on just about anything you need from Amazon, plus lots of streaming TV and movies, plus some Kindle books to borrow. I paid $39 for a student year-long membership, and it has definitely paid off. If you are a student or parent/caregiver, you can get Prime for a discount, and if not it’s $79 a year.

Cheap(ish) Jewelry

Bauble Bar: Good quality, trendy jewelry. They have some really nice stuff. The best part is that if you sign up, they will email you every Friday at 11 am with a clue to help you find the “Buried Bauble”. This is one item from the site that has been marked down to $10. It really varies. One time I got an amazing silvertone bracelet shaped like a fox for $10! I’d suggest checking out the things that cost less than $30 for an idea of what might go down to $10. You also get $10 off your first purchase (Buried Bauble excluded). It’s not exactly free, because you pay for shipping ($6.99). But they have simple, classic, pretty things, and they are actually good quality. I have a ring and a necklace, and though I am usually more of a chunky/gaudy jewelry fan, I really like them.

Free Samples

I strongly recommend making a separate email account for signing up for these to avoid flooding your regular account with spam.

Free Stuff Finder

Absurdly Cool Freebie Finder

Free Grabber

P&G Everyday

Start Sampling

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