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Sunscreen is for lazy people, too: Review of Kinesys Performance Sunscreen in SPF 50 Fragrance-Free and SPF 30 Mango

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Review of Kinesys Performance Sunscreen in SPF 50 Fragrance-Free and SPF 30 Mango

Earlier this year I panicked because I thought that my favorite facial sunscreen, the one I'd been using for years, had been abruptly discontinued. My short post about it ended up being one of my most visited posts ever, so I clearly wasn't alone. Eventually Lisa from Kinesys sent me a message to reassure me that the sunscreen would be back soon, to my great relief. Once it was restocked, she also generously sent two free bottles of varieties I had never used before to test and review: Kinesys Performance Sunscreen Fragrance Free in SPF 50 and Performance Sunscreen Mango Scent in SPF 30. In the past, I'd always stuck with the Fragrance-Free SPF 30 (reviewed here), and it never let me down.

Kinesys is all about gearing their sunscreens toward active, energetic, athletic people, as you can see from their sunscreen (and the fact that it has Performance in the name). But I want to suggest to you that it's just as good an option for the lazy, clumsy, and slow, like me--especially those of us who are looking for a lightweight facial sunscreen to wear under our makeup. You normally don't think of sprays as an ideal facial sunscreen formula (this isn't a facial mist/setting spray, after all), but the thin, non-greasy texture that makes it work for outdoorsy types is the same thing that makes it ideal as a facial sunscreen for us painted ladies.

If you've read my previous Kinesys review (or really, any of my sunscreen reviews), you'll know what I'm looking for: no smearing, no burning, no stinging my eyes, minimal greasy feeling, can apply makeup on top of it. Both of the two sunscreens pictured above fit the bill, along with the unscented SPF 30 I'd previously used. As I said, it's not a facial mist, so don't spray it directly on your face, or you're not going to be happy. Spray it into the palm of your hand and apply it just like you would any other sunscreen. It's a clear, thin liquid.

Review of Kinesys Performance Sunscreen in SPF 50 Fragrance-Free and SPF 30 Mango

The formula is silicone-based, so if your skin can't tolerate 'cones, you might want to skip this one. I've also found that water-based skincare products can cause this sunscreen to pill/get chunky, but that can be avoided by patting on the sunscreen instead of rubbing it, or just not using the two products at the same time. Personally, there are lots of serums and moisturizers that work for me, but not a lot of sunscreens that I like, so I am more willing to switch around other parts of my routine while holding on to a sunscreen that I know I will apply on a daily basis.

This stuff can feel a little slick immediately after you apply it, and the SPF 50 is slightly heavier, not surprisingly, than the SPF 30. I usually apply my sunscreen, wait about 10 minutes, and then put my makeup on top. Even without makeup, it won't smear after it soaks in a bit, though your skin will feel a little moist. If that bothers you, a light dusting of translucent powder will fix it.

One possible downside of this type of sunscreen is that I'm not sure what is the optimal amount to use in oder to to get the desired SPF. It seems like tests that determine you should use 1/4 tsp for your face and neck are usually based on lotion or cream formulas. I tend to dispense one and a half sprays into the palm of my hand, apply it to my face and neck, and then add another small spray especially around my eyes and hairline, which I might have missed with the first application. That amount seems to cover my skin in a nice, even, complete layer, which is the goal. (By the way, if you haven't watched Lab Muffin's video about how to wear sunscreen with makeup, you really should. It goes over everything about how sunscreens work and what can or cannot interfere with their effectiveness. Fascinating!)

Of the three varieties of Kinesys sunscreen I've now tried, I still prefer the unscented SPF 30, but these two are good alternatives. The SPF 50 is still quite comfortable to wear, and the fragrance in the Mango version is pretty mild--the tropical scent you'd expect, but I can't smell it anymore a few minutes after application.

These sunscreens are around $18-20 for 4 ounces, which might seem a little high, but since a bottle lasts me almost a year using it daily on my face and neck, it's a good value for me. I'd use something cheaper on my body, personally, but I'm pickier with what I use on my face. You can get them on Kinesys's website, where they offer a free sunscreen stick with your purchase (which I've never tried) or on Amazon. Their own site seems to be the only place that the 4 oz. Mango SPF 30 is available at the moment, fyi.

All in all, I'm very happy to be reunited with my favorite sunscreen, even if I won't be doing any parasailing any time soon! Or ever.

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  1. Hello Lyn!

    We LOVE your honest take on life as a not-quite-so-active member of the KINeSYS Community. We want to reassure you that our tagline "However You Perform" was chosen with care. Whether pro-athlete, lover of being lazy, rugged outdoor-type or something in the middle; the formula and feel of KINeSYS makes it the sunscreen of choice for everyone.

    You raise a valid point regarding application. Our sprays are delivered using a non-aerosol pump with microspray; which is different from traditional creams, lotions and aerosol spray applications.

    For the face and neck we suggest an adult apply 2 sprays for the face, 1 spray for front-of-neck/d├ęcolletage and 1 for back-of-neck. Your recommendation regarding application is spot on. KINeSYS should not be sprayed directly to the face. Spray on hands then apply to face/neck.

    With regards to our bottles, size is deceptive. Our 120ml/4oz ergonomic bottle, with its efficient microspray, delivers 700+ sprays. This is very different, and improved, on traditional sunscreen and as you point out, one bottle lasts almost a year.

    We are thrilled SPF30 Fragrance-Free is your favorite and Thank You for taking the time to try new products from our range. We have exciting product updates for 2018 and promise you KINeSYS is here to stay.
    CEO // KINeSYS


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