Sunday, March 19, 2017

Excuses are boring (but shopping is not?)

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The title of this post comes from one of the mantras of Unfuck Your Habitat, a book that, in the greatest of ironies (not really), I have not got around to reading yet. Will it also help my unfuck my blogging, I wonder? How is it that I haven't managed to write anything in a week? WHAT IS TIME.

Excuses (the weather has been gloomy and my camera is mediocre and I don't have a good lighting set up and all my ideas require many photos) are boring. I'll try to hammer out an actual review later today.

Other than not blogging, I have also not been buying beauty products this month (except my Sephora Play subscription, which I signed up for last month). That's good, because I am still paying off all the vet bills from the last few months that I put on my credit card. (In happier news, we are now on the cat fostering list at our local humane society, so we should have a new kitty to look after before too long.)

However, my No Buy has not prevented me from monitoring sales, and it will not prevent me from alerting you to them. In my opinion, one of the best strategies for smart shopping is to put things you want on a list, and then when/if they go on sale, revisit the list to see if you still really want them. (Half of the time, in my case, the answer is no.) Doing this really helps me curb impulse spending. Of course, it doesn't work for limited edition products, but I'm not generally especially interested in those, anyway.

The big sale right now is Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty, and the most interesting deal of the day, in my opinion, is Too Faced Love Flush Blushes for half price ($13). I've read good things about them, and the embossing is very pretty, but I'm viscerally opposed to heart-shaped things. Not to mention that I have more than enough blush at the moment. You can see the whole calendar of deals here. Actually, most of the upcoming deals that look most interesting to me are blushes, like the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes, which will also be 50% off. I guess this is my anti-haul statement, then, because I don't need any of these and I'm not going to buy them (but I'm not about to shame you if this is the right time to pick up something you've had your eye on).

I also haven't abandoned my ancient beauty blog, btw--I just need to get my shit together.

So this seems like a good idea to ask for your best organization and motivation advice! I'm not someone who tries to fill every hour of the day with work, but I would love to avoid the panic of realizing a week has passed and I haven't done fuck all.


  1. For me, getting out of the house usually makes me more productive. If I go to the trouble of putting on pants and a bra and stepping into the cold, I'm more likely to actually do work at my destination. Whereas if I try to work from home, I end up procrastinating for hours because I keep telling myself that I can start working at any time.

    I'm also a big fan of doing as much work as possible in the morning, because then if I do nothing else all day, I'll at least have the satisfaction of having squeezed in those few hours.

    1. Those are both excellent suggestions, and probably the two things I am worst at. I always want to work at home, because my office has no windows, and I always end up doing most of my work in the afternoon and evening. If I actually got more done in the morning, I could do something fun like blogging in the evening. I love having a flexible job, but it doesn't encourage self discipline.

  2. I don't know if people really expect you to be on a strict schedule right now. You just lost a family member (hey, cats count to me). That being said, I would be lying if I said I wasn't eating around with bated breath for you to post.

    If you're in the Great Lakes region, the weather has been a bit less god-awful lately. Go out and have some tea on the balcony with a camera and notepad/laptop. Sometimes something as simple as watching geese fly by or hearing leaves rustle can help you clear your mind and relax. If it's too cold for that, try binge watching something awful on Netflix.hulu/amazon prime to make you question all of your life decisions that led you to watching whatever trainwreck you choose follow that with blogging to rectify your previous transgressions.

    Needing to accomplish some things of my own, I think I will be watching "I Know Who Killed Me" tonight.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I suppose I should give myself a break (but I posted again!). If binge-watching TV shows is the right thing to do, then I have been doing very well! I just started to watch Drag Race for the first time this weekend.

  3. *waiting around. I really need to stop browsing with my phone because Siri and autocorrect are constantly making an ass of me. Thanks for the new post. Very helpful since I too fall into the somewhat hooded eyes camp.


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