Thursday, January 5, 2017

Travel Size/Minis from Sephora: value by the ounce (from The Chrysalis Project)

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This is a quick note to share a useful post I came across from The Chrysalis Project comparing the cost per ounce of various full size and regular size products from Sephora. It's interesting that some travel size things are much more expensive, while others are actually cheaper. So if you're buying something over and over, like the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, you might actually be better off buying a bunch of the minis (at least if your shade is one of the only two minis they offer). The post is from last July, so not everything Sephora has right now is included (like the outrageously priced mini Hourglass powders). Also, I realize that the price per ounce is not the only or always the best consideration when determining value. For instance, even though the Urban Decay travel size Perversion mascara is more expensive per ounce than the regular size, it lasted me more than 3 months of daily use. So if you're someone who replaces your mascara every three months, there's not much point trashing all that extra $22 mascara instead of just finishing up the $10 mascara.

Do you prefer travel size/mini products for any reason other than value? Anything else missing from this list that you think is worth considering?


  1. You already mentioned the mascara, but I try to get the travel sizes of those whenever possible. I find that in 2-3 months, [every brand I've ever tried] starts to irritate my eyes so I religiously throw those out.
    I also like mini lip glosses and I don't care about the comparative price per ounce. Those go bad too, and I like to carry them in my purse or pocket. I am all over gift sets of mini glosses!

  2. I prefer minis in general, when given the option, because I never use anything up. I just don't wear makeup often enough for that.


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