Friday, October 28, 2016

I have too many sweaters (plus free shipping on all orders from Target)

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This is pretty cool: apparently Target will have free shipping and free returns on all orders from now until January 1 (info here). So I want to take this opportunity to quickly recommend these Mossimo sweaters that are $18. I am have been a fan of the J. Crew Tippi sweaters and their cheaper counterparts at J. Crew Factory (which I can't find at the moment) for a while. I have a bunch of them in various colors. I've noticed, though, that the ones I've bought recently have developed holes in less than a year, which is really frustrating for something that is $80 at regular price (though I've got mine on sale). I take pretty good care of my sweaters. They are also pretty thin and sheer, and so I have layer something under them.

This Mossimo sweater (above) is a decent, inexpensive alternative. It's the kind of sweater that looks perfect with jeans, a long, gold necklace with a pendant, and Oxfords. That's basically my lazy uniform lately. I've had sweaters made out of this nylon/rayon/modal blend before, and they will pill a bit, especially under the arms, but then so does wool. And they are really, wonderfully soft and comfortable. They look great, and you don't have to wear a cami under them like the J. Crew sweaters. I also have the Mossimo crewneck, which I like just as much. Anyway, this is my best fall clothing find of the season so far, and it's a good price, so I thought I'd pass it along. I will probably pick up a couple more in colors that they don't have at my local store, since they are offering free shipping. Anything else you think is particular worth buying from Target's website rather than in the store?

(Also, does anyone else remember Mossimo from the 90s when it was all those stupid t-shirts with smartass slogans and cartoons on them? They were the slightly less macho version of No Fear shirts.)

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