Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday sales (Urban Decay and Zoya)

Urban Decay has 20% off everything right now with code TAKEITOFF. Just today and tomorrow, but the code works on the sale section. Their primer potion is already 50% off, so with the code it's down to $8. That is a decent price for a good eyeshadow primer (reviewed here in Eden). There are also palettes and other things in the sale section. Shipping is free over $50; otherwise it's $8.

Zoya has $5 off plus free shipping on orders over $25 from now until Oct. 18. Zoya is my favorite nail polish brand, I think. So many interesting colors (some swatches in my Zoya tag).

Those are the best I've seen today. Anything good I missed?


  1. Zoya is my favorite polish brand, too! I've decided I probably won't buy any more nail polish this year, though: I already have way too many fall/winter polishes to wear in the next few months. Urban Decay, however...hmm.

    1. I was thinking no more polish too, but then the Color Club Oil Slicks came out, and I think I need some. Duochromes/multichromes are my favorites, and it's hard to find impressive ones that aren't indie (I don't have the patience/budget to shop for indies).

    2. Sigh, I had a moment of weakness and bought the 69 lipstick and Rapture blush.


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