Sunday, October 25, 2015

Help me shop: fall-winter wardrobe sales (40-60% off)

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When I did a poll a while back,  the majority of people indicated that they were okay with a little non-beauty content. Today I have clothing on my mind, here we are. Also, I've been traveling for the last week and I need to take some more photos before I can post on any of the makeup topics I have planned. This post, then, is basically me thinking out loud (at length, as always) about what to wear this winter - if that's not your thing, I've added a cut below so you can scroll on past if you like.

I'm working from home this year, so the work clothes I bought last year (slacks, nice cardigans, pencil skirts, etc.) are not getting much use these days. Still, I feel slightly gross wearing yoga pants and old t-shirts every day, and all-day pajamas don't do anything to help my productivity. But it's so comfortable! I decided, therefore, that that my work wardrobe for this year is going to consist of leggings/yoga pants, but with long, warm, drapey sweaters over then. That way I don't feel like a complete fucking slob, but it's still relaxed - and if someone comes to the door, they can't tell if I'm not wearing a bra, because layers.

(Speaking of bras, why do they conspire to all wear out at the same time so that you have to spend a fortune replacing them. I need to do some bra shopping as well. My favorite bra for combining comfort and support is the Montelle Pure Plus bra. I'd recommend it if your boobs are wide spaced and/or point more to the sides than the front.)

In my head this working-from-home uniform should be art historian chic (though I deviate from the artsy uniform in that I do wear makeup - I'm not actually an art historian, after all - and I leave the giant, statement earrings for days I'm not staying home). I don't have a tripod, but I tried to take a photo in my mirror of an outfit like this that I already own. Fashion blogger I am not, and it was tragic. Anyway, you can all imagine what a long sweater (tunic or cardigan) over leggings looks like. It's not that out there. I'll show you what I've found in my search today, but I would love additional suggestions if any of you are masters of this aesthetic. I haven't been particularly successful.

There are a bunch of sales today, so I've been filling up online shopping carts and trying to decide if anything is going to work. Old Navy has 40% off two items with code SWEET, so I might get a couple more pairs of their long leggings, which will end up being $6.60 with the discount. Then I could add shit from Gap and Banana Republic to the same cart to get free shipping on $50+. Gap has 40% off everything right now with code MAJOR. Banana also has 40% off everything, but you have to click the link on their homepage to apply the discount.

Here are the things I have in my cart from Gap and Banana Republic at the moment:

I'm considering the textured tunic sweater from BR, even though pink isn't usually my color. It'll be $30 on sale. There were also some promising sweater tunics in the non-sale section, but even with 40% off, they're a bit out of my budget.

And then I added things that are NOT PART OF THE PLAN from the Gap, because I got frustrated with the lack of sweater perfection and veered off course. I really like boatnecks on me, and the modern stripe boatneck in this oatmeal color is $9 with the code.

I also added the ponte pencil skirt to my cart, even though I just said my skirts aren't getting much use. So I should probably remove it. But it's only $25 with the 40% off.

That's all I found from Gap et al. Maybe now is not the right time to order from them, despite the good sale. They frequently have decent sales. It'll come around again.

LOFT has 40% off everything and 60% off sale items right now, using code FLASH.

I really like the looks of their tie waist cardigan, but the reviews say it's really scratchy. Whyyyyy? It's exactly the style I'm looking for. It does contain wool, but it's mostly acrylic.

Nothing else from LOFT is really grabbing me today. Moving on.

Uniqlo has free shipping this weekend, and $10 off $75 if you sign up for their email list. I like the looks of the Lemaire lambswool long cardigan, but it's $50 and one review says it's itchy. But then it's 100% wool, so of course it's going to be a little itchy. I'm on the fence here.

I tried H&M, but I'm hesitant to shop online from stores that don't allow customer reviews. Joe Fresh has the same problem. I also tried J. Crew/Factory, but didn't find much of anything that fit my criteria. I looked at Amazon for about 2 minutes, but I hate shopping for clothes on there because it feels like you have to wade through a ton of shit to find anything decent. It's overwhelming.

And now I'm suffering from shopping fatigue and ready to give up. Any thoughts about any of these things? Any other recommendations for long/warm/comfy sweaters in this general price range? Am I forgetting to look somewhere awesome? Should I try department stores, even though I usually get the same fatigue from them that I do from Amazon? DO I HAVE TO ACTUALLY LEAVE MY DAMNED HOUSE?

Even if you don't have advice, inspire me with your fall-winter aesthetic, please! Do you have a uniform or do you wear all sorts of different things?


  1. I have the same problem with you working from home. I wear old t shirts and shorts (or pajamas) mostly but i feel like a slob and unproductive and i dont even feel like wearinf sunscreen.

    I like the sweater leggings aesthetic, it's comfy but still quite chic. Definitely miles better than me wearing my husbands boxers. I don't really have recommendations though! Maybe you do need to leave the house. Haha.

    1. It's a slippery slope from wearing comfortable, pajama-like clothes to just not bothering to change out of my actual pajamas. And then I definitely do not feel like a person who gets shit done.

  2. Ugh, BRAS. I tend to buy mine at Nordstrom Rack, because they're cheaper (and they actually carry numerous 32D(D), which TJMaxx does not), but I hate how quickly they need to be replaced. Or maybe it just feels quickly because I only ever have 2 in rotation (one "nude", one black). I wear the DKNY Fusion Perfect Bra (I mean, I think; I'm too lazy to take this one off and check) and it is mostly fine. I'd like to have something not quite as full-coverage, just because it sometimes peeks above lower-cut camis and such, but it's the only one at NR I've been able to find that actually mostly fits, so...oh well. At some point I will be able to pay real person prices for a non-discount bra that truly fits, but that point is not yet!

    I don't really have a fall uniform as such, but I like fleece-lined tights under skirts/dresses/tunics, and anything fuzzy. I have a couple of Northface Morninglory jackets (both purchased at 50%+ off, and even so still nearly $50, but I wear them pretty much every day and they hold up well, are super warm, and oh so soft and fuzzy), but my general principle tends towards the "pretend I'm still wrapped up in my cozy sheets" vibe. I'd like more sweatery tunics, and you've given me some ideas! You might also look at JCPenney (they have lots of sales, just look at their clearance/sale stuff, their website is kind of annoying); they sometimes have cute stuff and it's pretty affordable (more so than Macy's, anyways, and let's not even talk about Nordstrom).

    If you can bring yourself to leave the house (uuuuuuuuugh, I know), I love second-hand stores, though they can be pretty feast-or-famine at times.

    Good luck!! Now I'm off to browse Ann Taylor and Uniqlo, because I *definitely* can afford more clothes...

    1. I actually got the bra I linked above from True & Co. originally, which I found useful, because they do a fit survey that takes into a bunch of factors. It's hard for me to tell by just looking at bras which ones are going to have the cups in the right place. The size isn't everything, I've found. So many of them dig into me at the sides. And trying on a bunch of bras in a store is so tedious!

      You've reminded me that I also need a lighter jacket. I have a ratty fleece and a bunch of heavier wool coats. Oh well, I suppose it will soon be cold enough for the coats (damn it) and I can put that off until next year.

      I've never had great luck with the second hand stores around here, but I really should try more often. It's a lot like the problem I have with shopping for clothes on Amazon, though. I get overwhelmed with the variety and give up too quickly. But thanks for reminding me about JC Penney. I tend to forget about it!

  3. I really like that sweater from Banana Republic, though I think it would be nicer if they offered another color. I will say, that when I was out of work or working from home, getting out of my pyjamas and getting dressed made a world of difference for my mood. So I applaud your planning.

    1. I wish that sweater were gray or burgundy or something. I guess pink will disguise the cat hair ok. I definitely notice a difference when I actually get dressed, too. And also if I shower first thing in the morning, which I don't always do!

  4. Wide spaced boobs! I have the same issue but I've never heard anyone else talk about it! I have been buying Vassarette bras from Wal-Mart for 10+ years and I've had amazing luck with them. Now, I don't have much in the boob department to begin with (I've never had a problem with a bra not having 'enough support,' for example), so I can't say how they work for larger chests. But they are great for widely spaced boobs, they last well and they are super cheap. Oh and bonus, I've never been harpooned by a stray underwire! :)

    1. I didn't even realize that was my situation until I took the True & Co. quiz I mentioned in a comment above. But it totally explains why wires were always digging in on the sides - and now that I am aware of it, its obvious from looking at my chest. I never have that cleavage line that lots of people have because they are too far apart. And thank you for the suggestion! I will check that one out. It's certainly MUCH cheaper than the bra I linked, and I actually live pretty near a Walmart now, so I do get there from time to time. Having an idea of where to start when bra shopping makes it so much less annoying!

  5. Clothes shopping makes me apoplectic so I guess I'm chiming in to say I have utterly nothing to contribute :(. Well, other than: as a fellow working-from-home Real Human Being, my personal trick to make myself feel alive and productive and not just an extension of my keyboard is to put on shoes. Generally a pair of flats that don't really get worn outside.
    I used to buy a fair about of sweaters from The Limited, but I've felt very meh about their stuff for the last few years. Looks like they're currently doing a BOGO on sweaters, though.

    1. I used to love shopping for clothes and felt good about my personal style, etc., but in the last few years I somehow lost a lot of it. It's kind of sad. Thanks for the shoe trick! I have a couple pairs that will work well for that. And I forgot about The Limited. Since I didn't grow up in the US, there are still a lot of stores here that aren't on my radar. I know where I would look if I were shopping in Canada, but that doesn't help me right now!


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