Monday, June 30, 2014

Free 2-day shipping from Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic today only + 30- 40% off

Disclosure: This post contains no affiliate links.
Part of me is saying, "No, you absolutely do not need any more clothing, and you don't have a job" and another part is saying, "Look, you're wearing the tank top you slept in last night right now; you could absolutely use a few cheap summer tops. And a pair of black flip flops." Which side will win? WHO KNOWS?

Use code FREE. There's also a 40% off Banana Republic code (BR40DAYS). They can be combined. Whoop.

I also got a "surprise" 30% off code from Old Navy in a banner at the top of the page when I loaded it, so look for that too. And you can use FIRE on the Gap's page to get 40% off today or 30% off tomorrow.


  1. Thank you for sharing. My boyfriend keeps complaining that he doesn't have enough pants and then never buys any so I'm going to harass him to buy some tonight. TMI?


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