Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cheap and effective BHA exfoliant! Stridex Maximum Soft Touch Pads (from Lab Muffin)

Disclosure: This post contain an Amazon affiliate link.
I've posted before about BHA/beta-hydroxy acid/salicylic acid. Quick summary: it works great not only for improving the texture and appearance of the skin and making it look smoother, but also for clearing blackheads and acne and soothing redness. Good stuff. But effective products containing BHAs have to have a certain pH level to really work. On my previous post, Emi from Project Swatch recommended the Stridex pads in the comments, and I was intrigued. The cheapest I've found them online is $3.49. But without knowing the pH, how could I tell if they would be as effective as the more expensive products I'd been using? Lab Muffin to the rescue! She tested the pads and found that the ones in the red package have both the right concentration (2%) of BHA and the right pH (below 4) to work well.

These are something worth trying not only for people dealing with acne, but for anyone who wants their skin to appear less dull, pores to be smaller, wrinkles to be less prominent, to reduce redness or hyperpigmentation . . . the list goes on. Just start out slow and make sure your skin can handle it. I've never had any irritation from BHA at all, but that's not the case for everyone. I'm definitely going to pick up a jar of this stuff when I run out of my Paula's Choice 2% BHA. The PC versions sells for $23 and works fantastically, I admit.

It's hard to compare the Stridex and the PC prices per unit, since the Stridex is measured in number of pads. On Amazon, the Stridex pads are described as 8 oz., but I don't know if that reflects the volume of liquid they contain (shipping weight is 8.8 oz., says Amazon). The PC BHA is 4 oz. and costs about 6 times as much. Either way, the Stridex is looking good in this comparison. I'll let you know my results once I've tried the Stridex pads myself, but since that will be a while, I wanted to give you the heads up. They come highly recommended by trustworthy sources, as you can see!

ETA: I just noticed that these have menthol in them. I hate skincare products that make my face tingly purely for the sake of making it tingly. Now I'm grumpy and I might just have to stick to the more expensive options after all.


  1. Hey gurrrrrl,

    Next time you place a PC order, get a bunch of samples of the Resist BHA 2% Weightless Body Treatment. It comes in a GIGANTIC 7 ounce bottle (it lasts MONTHS, depending on how much of your body you slather it on).

    I use it on my face once a day, even though it is marketed as a body exfoliant. It might be a little too strong if you have sensitive skin, as I notice it seems "stronger" than the 2% BHA liquid I use in the mornings. Though, I'm not sure how, as they apparently are both 2% BHA.

    I get so annoyed at how fast I go through those 4 ounce bottles. 7 OUNCES FOR LYFE.

    1. Thanks, I've been wondering about that one. I think part of the problem with the liquid is that half of it stays soaked into the cotton ball every time you use it, whereas with lotion you could theoretically use up everything you dispense. I haven't liked the texture of the BHA lotions I've tried before, but I will definitely check out some samples. Have you tried this as a body lotion too?

    2. Yes. I use it nightly on specific unpretty areas, but used ANYWHERE is it amazing. Anywhere you might just have less than great skin - weird, random bumps, sun damage, zits, or just general bleh-ness. Highly recommended.

      I think I know what you're getting at regarding the facial BHA lotion - too weirdly tacky, right?

      When I use the Resist body treatment on my face, it dries completely. It is a very dry finish (for my very, very oily skin), but my normal facial moisturizer fixes it. A stronger moisturizer might be necessary for less oily/normal/dry skin.

  2. Good to know this about the Stridex pads--I started using them because I didn't want to pay as much as the PTR ones a friend had recommended to me.

    1. Oh yes, I forgot about the PTR ones! I think these are an excellent alternative to those. The PTR also has AHA in it, but you don't necessarily need both BHA and AHA.


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