Thursday, February 6, 2014

TheBalm flash sale tomorrow: 50% off everything from 12-1 pm in every time zone

Historically, TheBalm's website has not been able to withstand their flash sales. That may be why they are doing it for one hour in each time zone (i.e. to reduce traffic at any given time). Hopefully that doesn't mean that the good shit will all be gone by the time it gets to the west coast. Anyway, thought I'd post about it in advance, so you can prepare yourself. Shipping is $5 in the US (outside it's $20-35, yikes). There's more info on their Facebook page.

As for suggestions, I've only tried a few things. I love love love Stainiac. I have the Balm Jovi palette, and it's really versatile and the shadows are nice. It also has a great blush (similar to Frat Boy, I believe) and a useful highlighter (similar to Mary Lou Manizer). I don't really use the lip colors in it - they're nothing special, and lip palettes are annoying. I've also tried their Time Balm concealer, which a lot of people love, but it didn't work great for me (which is why I put it in my blog sale). That's all I've got, but google for reviews, because they've got a bunch of other highly rated stuff.


  1. Aaaaaand their website is down. However, they're saying on FB that they're going to extend the hours. Also they said that if anything sells out, they'll let you get it on backorder & honor the sale price.

    1. Ha, I just saw that. I guess it probably works out for the company, whether or not they frustrate a bunch of people in the process. People will spend time deciding what they want and be set on having it either way.


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