Monday, August 5, 2013

Have you ever used ThreadFlip? (plus: blatant self promotion)

Tulle brand jacket I am selling on ThreadFlip.
I've already explained that I'm trying to sell off some of my belongings before I move and why. I'm also donating a shitload of things, but it's those items that I really like, but rarely use/wear, and am ambivalent about that I'm trying to sell. Do you know what I mean? I like them too much to give them away, but if I can get a little cash for them, I'll be content to let them go.

In addition to the blog sale, I put some of my clothing up for sale on ThreadFlip, a clothing and accessories reselling site. This is my first time selling clothes. I know that Ebay would be another option, but for some reason I've always found it intimidating to buy or sell clothes, in particular there. ThreadFlip is pretty easy to use. You upload a couple of photos, fill out a form to create a detailed description of your item, and choose a price range. ThreadFlip takes a 20% commission from every sale, and the minimum price you can charge for an item is $10.

I'm genuinely curious to hear about others' experiences selling used clothing. Have you taken it to a consignment shop? Sold it on Ebay or somewhere else online? What do you think is best?

The advantage of Ebay is that they only take a 10% commission - the disadvantage, I think, is that there is so much stuff there, everywhere, that things can get lost in the volume. Then again, there are more customers. Since I am selling most things for $10-20, the extra 10% commission from ThreadFlip might be worth the convenience. For higher priced items, it might not be such a great idea.

Anyway, in case you're interested, here are a few other things from my ThreadFlip shop (the rest are here). If you don't have a ThreadFlip account, you can use this link to get a $5 credit (I get one too).


  1. I wouldn't do full service. They lost 5 items of mine that they had rejected and I wanted back. One shirt cost around $100. I took pictures but I should have sent a list of all items in the bag as well. They say they have no reoord of thiose items. I'm contemplating my next step.

  2. Lisa, please contact me with your story. I am about to launch a full-scale fight with Threadflip. I did full service. They only accepted 6 of my many items. I had gobs of stuff in the bag that were very expensive and still had the tags on. I sent in my $15 to have the rejected items returned to me. But they claim they didn't know it was from me and so they donated my bag--my incredibly full bag worth close to $1,000 retail. My email is

    1. Having great difficulty with San Francisco based online consignment site, Threadflip. Sent box of designer items- Escada, Weitzman, YSL, D&G for "Full Service." (You send items, they take photos, price and submit to site.) USPS tracking showed box as delivered, they claimed "lost." Promised to file police report and was advised to contact 7News, then miraculously…box found. Items on site. Watched as prices for expensive items keep being reduced. Contacted Threadflip, asked that no further reductions be made. 4 markdowns in 14 days! Threadflip keeps items for 90 days. They say there are allowed to do a 10% markdown. OK- BUT, I caution that at fire sale speed of reductions, my designer items would be reduced to nothing! Please stop unauthorized reductions or return (at my cost) the items to me. Also, sold one pair of shoes, have yet to be paid. Having "requested" before, now "demanding" that my items be returned. They do not disclose on their FAQs that items will be reduced at THEIR discretion. Let alone, so many reductions in such a short period of time. Have email address for contact person there- Sarah Pearson = - She seems to be in some managerial position. There are no phone numbers listed on their site. Their responses are usually generated via their site's internal messaging system. Noticing several posted reviews complaining of different grievances and general lack of response from company. Sarah no longer responds to my requests or inquiries. I can't get acknowledgement that pricing of my items won't be taken down so low that I will have lost everything! Now asking local news program to inquire and do story about questionable practices.

      Leslie Fong, who earlier posted a stellar Amazon review for Threadflip works there. Her title is, Merchandising Operations Manager. She sent out an email blast from Threadflip announcing their new commission rate on July 21, 2014. I received it!

    2. I am having buyer issues with Thredflip that now as I am searching internet see the exact same issues are occurring. Apparently they are giving the screws to buyers and seller. I used a VIP 35% off coupon for a purchase. Quickly came back as cancelled. I didn't do that and notified seller I will try again thinking this is a glitch in the system. Checkout goes thru or so I guessed until the next morning when Thredflip sent me an email stating account suspended for "wrongful seller issues".. I never sold anything on that site or any other. Apparently from what I am reading they are doing this to others not to honor a coupon. How horrid is that? Sent numerous emails and even with digging found some customer support number and called. Its been 4 days now and not a courtesy call or email back. I never expected such poor customer service or total unprofessionalism from a company who touted who they were in building the company from the start.

  3. It seems like based on these comments that people have had trouble with the Full Service option. I would suggest sticking with selling the clothes yourself. I have never had any trouble, and have even had good experiences with customer service. I hope things are resolved quickly and fairly for those who have had problems, though!

  4. Follow up…

    Anand Iyer, co-founder at Threadflip contacted me, apologized for the situation, offered to return my items and waive the cost for doing so. I accepted.


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