Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blog sale! (with bonus cat spam)

I'm moving in a couple of months, and as part of my decluttering process, I thought I'd put a few things up for sale. These are items that I've come across while sorting through my hoard that are either dupes, or that I realize that I just haven't been using. I don't remember exactly where everything came from, but none of the makeup here is more than a year old, because I definitely acquired it all after I started the blog. Most of it I bought last fall/winter at the earliest. Of course, I purchased all of these items, because companies do not send me samples.

Here's a link to the sale page, which has all the details and technicalities. I'll be adding some new items as I get around to photographing them, so check back often.

Another reason I'm hoping to make a few bucks is that my cat needs radiation treatment for her hyperthyroidism. This isn't a fundraiser or anything, and I am not trying to guilt you into buying something. Don't buy shit you don't want! I just thought I'd let you know what my plans are - and it gives me an excuse to spam you with photos of my cat. This way if you don't give a shit about a blog sale, at least you get to look at some cute pictures.

She's an 11-year-old beast named Lucy who hates every living creature but me. She started to lose weight late last fall and got pretty thin for a while before my vet and I worked out a treatment plan that was effective. Taking her medicine in pill form bothered her stomach (and was not a fun ordeal for either of us twice a day), so now she gets it via transdermal gel. It's expensive, though, and two years of gel will cost as much as the radiation treatment, which should, I hope, fix the problem completely. Not to mention it's hard for me to go away even for a few days if someone else has to drug her, since she's a nasty bitch who won't let anyone else touch her. Anyway, most of these photos were taken before she got sick, but she's getting back to her rotund glory again now. And she remains as graceful, ladylike, and dignified as always. Enjoy!

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