Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quick review: Hard Candy Ginormous Mascara (what a fucking mess)

I don't have any real complaints about the way this mascara looks on my lashes. It makes them thicker and longer. It's not amazing, but it's not bad.

Here's the problem though:
And this isn't even the worst mess I've made with this mascara.
I can't seem to apply it without getting it all over my eyelid just above my lashline. It also splatters on my eyelids and nose and under my eyes, etc. If I try to use my fingertips to wipe it off, I get a smeary mess all over my face AND hands. When I'm finished with it, I also find black smears in places like that spot below my thumb that are just mysteries to me. What the fuck. I have been successfully wearing mascara for at least 17 years now, so it's not me. Reviews for this shit are mostly positive, and I haven't noticed anyone else mentioning this problem. I'm confused. Also, I wouldn't wear it anywhere near sweat or water, because if you so much as think of tearing up, it dissolves in anticipation.

Has anyone else had this smearing problem? I'm thinking that maybe it's because it's a new tube, and if I leave it for a week or two, it will dry up enough to stop doing this. I don't know if I have the patience, though. Right now it's just pissing me off.


  1. I haven't had any problems with application (I have the blue, purple and black), and the blue shows up better on my lashes than any other blue I've ever used. However, I have problems with flaking once it's dry. Hair falls in eyes and nudges lashes? Flakes. Strong wind? flakes. I love the way it looks, but flaking, especially since I wear contact lenses, really sucks.

    And yes, it is probably the lease waterproof thing I've ever used. Even if it gets too humid out, I get a little bit of sticky melting. I'm willing to work with it though, especially the coloured ones. I find I have a little more luck with flaking when I use a makeup setting spray (which invariably ends up on and around my lashes when I spray it on my face) and a lash primer. I'll finish the tubes I have, but will continue to stay on the lookout for good, inexpensive, coloured mascaras, as these have some definite pitfalls.

    1. That makes sense that it would be worth it for the colored ones. I haven't tried any of those. For black, I think there are so many better options, that I'm not having it! I've never been that into colored mascaras, probably since, as you say, the color is never very visible anyway.


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