Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do you really need SPF 100? (from Beautiful with Brains)

Basically, no.


  1. Thinking out loud here - I'm curious as to spray on sunscreens and their effectivness. I usually keep a range of sunscreens on hand year round (I come from a moley family) and when I'm running errands I lean towards the sprays. I walk/use buses so its easy for me to just spray myself down till I look like a basted turkey fairly quickly instead of worrying about lotions.

    Wonder if the measurements equal the same, like I was just spraying into a teaspoon size. Or if more is required. Guess I know what I'm looking up online later today.

    1. I have vague recollections of reading two things. (1) That there are some doubts as to how well aerosol sunscreens protect, because of how much blows away/evaporates, so you have to be careful to get an even layer with them. But I think with most sunscreens, the SPF you get tends to be lower than the advertised number. I use a spray (but not aerosol) on my face, but I squirt it into my hand and apply from there like a normal sunscreen. I love those continuous spray ones for the body too, though. So much easier, especially to get on my back.
      (2) That you don't need quite as much sunscreen if you are using a liquidy formula as you do with a thick one. Sometimes to do with how easy it is to spread in an even and consistent layer if it's thinner. That would be if you are applying it from your hand, though - I would think you'd need more if you are spraying directly, since some of it will end up in the air and not on your body.
      But I don't remember the precise source for either of these things. I will do some hunting!

    2. I found some info! I'm going to link to it in a new post.


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