Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, Part II

Disclosure: I got these products free from BzzAgent.
See Part I here.

First impressions:
The marketing copy for this stuff says that you only need a "small dab" to repair damaged skin and nails. So I decided I would use this amount, at least twice a day (but really whenever my hands felt dry):

I start by rubbing it into my finger tips and nails, and then spreading over the rest of my hands. I'm not using any other hand creams/lotions on my hands during the testing period of one week. I'm also following my normal routine, which means a couple of nail polish changes during the week. Ultimately I want to see if this stuff works as well as my favorite hand cream (which is really a foot cream), Avon Foot Works Beautiful Lavender Overnight Cream. The Neutrogena cream's main claim to effectiveness is that it contains glycerin. Glycerin is a standard ingredient in moisturizers (for more info, see Part I). The Avon cream also contains glycerin. 

The first time I used the cream, my hands were very, very dry, as you can see in the photo in Part I. After putting on the hand cream, they felt smoother and slipperier, but not immediately more moisturized. It was like having a layer of soft stuff on the surface of my skin, but underneath it was still rough and leathery. Even after a few days of use, I still didn't feel like it was soaking into my skin and improving the texture and moisturizing the deeper levels. Okay, I don't know if lotion normally does that, but it normally doesn't leave my fingertips still feeling just as shriveled and tough. I definitely didn't feel like their claims of instant soothing and healing were panning out. But maybe long term use will have a transformative, healing effect! I can be patient.

Stay tuned soon for the final result of my week(+) of testing.

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