Monday, October 22, 2012

Fix Your Face: Your Assignment

Get this stuff:

This is the best eyeshadow I have ever used, ever. I love it so much. Good range of colors, most of which are pretty neutral. They are really pigmented and smooth and wear like fucking iron. There are tons of reviews of this palette, so I’m not going to swatch them again myself, except to show you how awesome the darkest shades are as liners.

These are the shadows on the bottom left of the palette (“Define”) and second from the bottom on the right (“Crease”) over the e.l.f. primer, alone on the left, and using the e.l.f. Lock & Seal on the right. Just one swipe with a brush. As you can see, they are really fucking pigmented even with a dry brush. Wetting the brush (you could also use water) will change the look a little in terms of getting you a crisper line, but the color will be just as dark and rich without doing that.

The other shades are equally beautiful. They have labels to tell you which part of the lid to use them on, if you’re skittish, but there’s no need to stick with those.

Bonus: Since the bottom right shadow (“Define”) is an exact dupe for Mac’s Club or Urban Decay’s Lounge (a reddish-brown and green duochrome), you can use this set to create the scarab gradient look in this video. I’ve tried it, and it looks fucking awesome (just use whatever green or grey or black eyeliner you have kicking around for the base).

So for less than $10, you’ll be happy for the rest of your life. Or for a while probably at least. FUN.

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