Monday, May 28, 2012


I’ve been especially inspired in my quest to find the cheapest and best makeup and skincare products by the awesomeness that is Paula Begoun. Check out her site Beautypedia for reviews of just about everything, ever. I always try to remember to check there before I buy something new (if it’s not on a whim).

Her reviews are based on scientific research by dermatologists (and other educated people) on the ingredients found in these products. You can find references to the studies she uses on her website. She also has a super handy ingredients dictionary. You might be surprised to find which ingredients are irritants (lavender, hello), and which have bad reputations but are actually great for the right purposes (sulfates!).

Overall, a reasonable and scientific resource to help you decide where to put your money. A nice antidote to all the hysteria and quackery out there!

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