Monday, May 28, 2012

Badass Hair: Dove Nutritive Therapy, Nourishing Oil Care Leave In Smoothing Cream

This shit is … the shit. The ridiculously-priced, pure, Oil of Aragorn (mmmm Viggo) or whatever is nice, but you don’t need it. This is under $6 and it will make your hair all pretty and shiny and soft.

Here’s how I tested it: I went to Memphis for a vacation (omg so much BBQ) and didn’t pack conditioner, because I was like, I’m staying in a nice-ish hotel. They’ll provide it. But no, there was only shampoo. However, because I order free samples online like a fiend, I had a little sample packet of this stuff in my suitcase. I just shampooed with the weak-ass hotel shampoo and used this as leave in conditioner every day for a week, and my hair was amazing. Better than usual. That’s a testimonial.

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