Thursday, September 29, 2016

Quick concealer swatches: Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer in Butter Cream and Fondant

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As a birthday present to myself last month, I renewed my Sephora Flash subscription and bought a new tube of Sephora concealer (oooh! ahh!), which came with the Sephora birthday gift and various other junk (you can see my "haul" on Instagram). I reviewed the Sephora Gel Serum concealer last year, and I continue to love the shit out of it. But the shade I had, Fondant, wasn't a perfect match. I thought I'd quickly post swatches of the new shade I picked up, Butter Cream, alongside Fondant and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly, in case it's helpful for anyone.

Swatches of Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer in Butter Cream and Fondant, and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly

Left to right: Sephora Butter Cream, Sephora Fondant, and Nars Chantilly.

I've noticed that you really can't rely on Sephora's descriptions of these shades. They describe Fondant as "light with neutral undertone," when it's clearly warm/peachy. Butter Cream is also "light with neutral undertone," though in its case, that's more accurate. It's a really perfect match for me, both under my eyes and on redness/spots elsewhere on my face.

This shade performs for me exactly the same as Fondant in every other way, so refer to my previous review for details. I just love this stuff. I've been using Fondant for almost 10 months now, and there's still plenty left (which I will finish up by covering my dark circles on days when I wear a fuller-coverage foundation). It hasn't got thick or changed in any way. A year or more of concealing by someone who uses concealer almost every day isn't bad for $14.


  1. Do you currently subscribe to any boxes or do you just go out to Sephora and drugstores and pull the trigger, so to speak? I just finished reading your Choix box review from a while back and I have to ask, which boxes worked best for you in the past or what caused you to stop subscribing to them?i currently have an ipsy subscription but I've been eyeballing other boxes trying to find one that's cost efficient.

    I'm sorry, that was a "small" interview more than a simple comment/question.

    1. Choix is the only subscription I currently have, and I'm still enjoying it. I got behind on reviewing the boxes with my move and starting a new job. I think I'll post a highlights review of the last few boxes next week and go from there.

      In the past I've had Birchbox, Ipsy, and one month of Boxycharm. I liked the points system Birtchbox had, but now they've changed it, so it's not much of an incentive. I got some good products in that subscription, but the majority wasn't anything exciting, so I got bored with it pretty quickly. (Plus they kept sending me mediocre hotel toiletries.)

      I liked Ipsy when I was really into trying new things and seeing what I liked. I think it's a good value, since you get larger items pretty frequently. But after a while, once I was more certain of my likes and dislikes, it felt more like I was just accumulating things I didn't need, and I cancelled. Boxycharm is nice in that you get full-size items, but it's more expensive, and otherwise has the same issues for me as Ipsy (too much stuff I don't really need).

      Choix has been good especially for eliminating my desire to impulse buy higher end products. I like testing out things at home that are hyped up. But I'm about half way through my year subscription now, and I'm kind of running out of products they offer that I am really excited to try.

      Sephora Play also intrigues me, and I've been thinking about trying it out. The samples seem to be generally on the smaller side than Ipsy, but the products are more interesting.

      That's my long interview response! But I'm happy to answer other questions if you have them.

  2. Yup, never trust the descriptions. Swatches are 1000x more useful.


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