Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I'm just going to leave this here (Mentality Polish update)


Here is the latest fascinating development in the Mentality Polish saga (previous links here and here):

Description from Amazon:
Mentality Nail Polish - Notoriety and Civil Disobedience Volume 1, is a history and introspection of three years in the nail polish business. This book details information about the caustic nature of internet nail polish communities on Facebook and other forums. This book outlines various scams used by customers and social groups to coerce and extort online nail polish retailers. It also references methods that nail polish makers, retailers, and re-sellers use to defraud US and international governments through illegal shipping of nitrocellulose-based lacquers and avoidance of customs duties and VAT taxes. Contained within is information about numerous legitimate personal care raw ingredient distributors and manufacturers, to help aspiring makers in the health and beauty industry to obtain products correctly designated for cosmetics use. This book also contain many recipes for colorization of blank nail polish base for use by purchasers of the book. 

About the Author: Danny Dannels is a former men's professional inline speed skater that set the 2007 North American Inline Marathon Series Advanced Division title before his team, The Texas Flyers, sponsored him to the elite level. He then set the solo-undrafted Trans-USA record in 2009, and earned the right to mentor aspiring athletes around the world. He is an ultra-endurance athlete and set numerous point-to-point times. He died at the age of two by electrocution, survived an extremely abusive household to earn legal emancipation, and became a ward of the State of Texas by age sixteen. He is a survivor of early gang membership, raised in the presence of Bandidos MC, mob members, crooked businessmen, drug dealers, addicts, and was nearly traded for a shipment of drugs as a toddler, but saved by his maternal grandparents. He is now fully estranged from his biological family. He placed into the Gifted and Talented program, starting in elementary, junior hight, before becoming a high school dropout his senior year. He then spent more than 20 years pursuing his college education, racking up hundreds of hours of college credit, and finally graduated from Texas Woman's University at the top of his class, 4.0 and Phi Theta Kappa as a nationally recognized scholar. He now lives in Southern California with his wife and family where he continues to train his mind and body. A survivor by necessity and choice, he endures adversity, prevailing with his life motto, "Never quit, even when it hurts; especially when it hurts, because everyone falls down. Survivors just keep getting back up, and leaders do not fear falling back down again. Never quit".
Of course it would unethical to provide this information and not give you a link to the book. Here you go. Only $10 for this 79 page e-book. (H/t to All the Sparkles.) Can't wait for Volume 2!


  1. Wow, that's some really hilarious self-importance in that bio there.

  2. Ummmmmmmmmm... and people have been buying stuff from this charlatan???? What a joke.

    1. I'm shocked how long he was able to stay in business without revealing this side of his personality, apparently!

  3. I thought this as satire.... its not? D:

  4. I thought this as satire.... its not? D:

  5. Holy crap on a stick, this is for real? Just when I thought this entire farce could sink no lower *boggles*


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