Monday, September 14, 2015

Do I Need This? MakeUp Eraser

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Welcome to the latest installment of my Do I Need This? seriesIn these posts, I offer my experience and opinion about whether or not I think a trendy product or technique is worth it. Obviously, you don't really need ANY beauty products, so the answer to the question is always going to be no, to some extent. But is it going to change your life (or face)? Is it going to make things easier? Are you going to notice any difference at all? That's what I'm getting at. You may disagree with my verdict, because we all have different bodies/faces/brains/desires, but I'll try to offer a starting point, at least.

The Original MakeUp Eraser is a facecloth that is advertised as being able to remove 100% of your makeup with just water. Let me be clear upfront: this is not a review of the Original Makeup Eraser, because I don't own one - because I am not going to pay $20 for a single microfiber cloth. But you have to admit that it's pretty genius marketing. I'm sure the product works as advertised, and it's pink and eco-friendly and all that good stuff. Plus, people will buy anything if you can tell them that it promises "no chemicals" - even if they pick it up at Sephora next to all sorts of dyes and pigments and perfumes. Water is not a chemical, naturally. All natural polyester! I know I sound like I'm making fun of it, and I kind of am, but I also wish I'd thought of the idea to put a cute microfiber cloth in a flashy box and sell it for 20 bucks.

So here's the question, and I'm sure you already know what my answer is going to be.

Do I need this?

Short answer: I doubt it.

Here's the thing. My sister swears by cleansing her face with a microfiber cloth. She's been doing it every day for years (at least 5), using nothing but water. She tells me that her skin is actually much better when she doesn't use cleanser, and that the cloth does indeed remove her makeup easily. Just like the MakeUp Eraser people say, it works. This is nothing new.

If you have trouble finding a cleanser that you like, or if your skin tends to be sensitive to face wash, this is a method you might consider. It's probably going to be especially effective if you don't wear heavy makeup (like foundation) regularly and if, like my sister, you have pretty good skin to begin with (that bitch). But even if you don't fit those criteria, it can't hurt to try.

Me? I've tried the microfiber thing, and it does indeed remove makeup, but I prefer my facial cleansers. But then I happen to like chemicals.

Anyway, if you want to give this method a try, I recommend just getting some regular, microfiber cloths. You can find them all over the place. Amazon has packs of 24 cloths for $15, for example, so you use a clean one almost every day for a month, if you want to. If it makes you uncomfortable to wash your face with a cloth intended for household cleaning, you can get cloths labeled specifically for your face, but they cost more. They might be a little softer, though.

These cheap microfiber cloths are not "dupes" for the MakeUp Eraser (and the MakeUp Eraser people warn you in all caps to BEWARE IMITATORS). That's not what I'm claiming here. They're an alternative. The MakeUp Eraser cloth looks more plush and fluffy - more like a stuffed animal pelt than a towel. But my (sister's) experience suggests that you can get the results they advertise with a regular microfiber cloth.

Okay, I've now typed "microfiber" so many times that it's beginning to lose meaning. Do you use this method to remove your makeup or to wash your face? What is your weapon of choice?


  1. Give me all the chemicals please!!!!

    I still don't get this cloth thing. I mean, look at how hardcore cream shadows and concealers can be. Can I really trust a cloth to remove all that? But that depends on your definition of light make up. For me it's generally all or nothing, so if I use it to remove make up it's going to need a miracle. I rather have a bunch of chemicals reacting with the chemicals in the make up to be washed down the drain.

    1. Well, my sister wears eye makeup, concealer, and something on her lips. No base. For her it works. Like I said, I prefer cleanser too!

  2. I like cotton or muslin wash cloths but not this microfiber crap. Microfibers from fashion and household items are actually causing more environmental damages than the microbeads in hygiene products. I was only vaguely aware of the Makeup Eraser business but am content to remain ignorant.

    1. Oh really? I'll have to look into that. I have heard tons about microbeads, but nothing at all about microfiber. Thanks!

  3. Personally, I hate the feeling of microfiber. Just thinking about touching it makes me shiver. And I can't even imagine putting one on my face, uughh. I prefer my cheap, $2 pack of makeup remover wipes from Big Lots. They don't remove some of my stubborn eyeliners, but everything else is gone in seconds.

    I'm also too lazy for actual liquid cleansers. If it has an alternative in a pad or wipe form, I'll use that instead.

    1. Yes! It can feel like horrible velcro on my fingers. Fortunately I haven't noticed that sensation on my face.

  4. I actually have the original makeup eraser that I bought from Marshall's for $7. It's great but I still use a cleanser with it. It is much more gentle on the eyes. I just found face towel with the exact same material which is much bigger at Daiso for $1.50. I have not completely tested it out yet, but I'm pretty sure it will work the same.


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