Sunday, September 14, 2014

Everyone is soooooo busy

I've been busy lately. Too busy (or too unmotivated? or too tired?) to write up long posts, apparently. Blah, blah, no one cares. The point is that what I have been able to do now and then is post quick photos + very, very brief reviews on Instagram. If you follow me there, or on Tumblr or Twitter, you can get those updates. That's probably most of what I'll be doing for the next while, unless I decide that I need to write something with multiple photos or links or a long story. It's still fun for me, at least.


  1. Me too! I know no1curr, but every semester I think "I'll manage my time better! I'll be so productive!" Major fail and it's only mid-September...

    1. Yes! I actually feel like I am doing okay at the moment, but if I try to add in regular blog posts to everything else, it will all go to hell for sure.


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