Sunday, July 6, 2014

CoverGirl makeup for $2-4 on Amazon (and $3 Cetaphil coupon)

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.
For example, Clump Crusher mascara for $3 when you "clip" the coupon that page (or $2.70 if you do subscribe and save, which you can cancel later). Most of the products with coupons are mascara or foundation - here's the full list. I kind of want to try the Outlast 3-in-1 foundation, since I've heard it's good. Thoughts? Only one coupon per account, I believe.

There's also a $3 Cetaphil coupon here.


  1. I use Outlast 3-1 and it is one of my favorite foundations! I work long hours and it's one of the few foundations that will stay mostly intact on my oily skin. I wouldn't call it an exact dupe of Hourglass Immaculate foundation as it is a bit heavier, but the end results are very similar. It is kind of drying and will emphasize flakes on your face, but otherwise it's certainly worth checking out.

    1. Great, thanks! That sounds good. I ended up just putting it on my wishlist, because I have some other foundations that need using, but I think I will try it next.


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