Thursday, June 26, 2014

L'Oreal Project Runway "Electric Fantasie" nail polishes (limited edition from Fall 2012) on clearance

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So probably this doesn't sound like the most exciting deal in the world, but hear me out: has the L'Oreal Project Runway nail polish collection on clearance for $3.79 each. The colors in that collection are really interesting and unusual. I couldn't find a good link with swatches of all of them in the same place, but you should definitely google the ones you're curious about. There are 6 of them left, and I have not seen these in stores since they first came out in Fall 2012. The only one I own is The Temptress' Power (the names are kind of ridiculous), which is seriously spectacular (swatches here). I'm not supposed to be buying more nail polish, but maybe these constitute a special exception? Maybe?

You can get free shipping over $35, as well as an extra 4% back using Ebates (invite link).

ETA: A few people are still selling some of these on Amazon and ebay, but the prices are generally higher, which is why I wanted to point out the price.

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