Monday, June 9, 2014

25% off everything plus free shipping from Stila

Disclosure: This post contains no affiliate links.
Excludes sale items. No code needed. Decent discount if you have a Stila staple that never goes on sale.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up! The stay all day liquid liner in cobalt will be mine!

  2. omg YES! Stila is my favorite.

    1. What do you like? I haven't had much luck with anything except the eyeliners, and I feel like good eyeliners are pretty ubiquitous.

    2. woop ok, sorry I just noticed this comment (I'm on Wordpress so I don't get a notification when you respond). I guess when I say that Stila is my "favorite," it really doesn't have that much meaning since I am not exactly a guru when it comes to expensive makeup brands (or any makeup brands, for that matter).
      I guess it's more like I feel like most of their products actually work and aren't rip-offs for the price. I do love their stay-all-day liquid eyeliner, and that's mostly because all of the drugstore versions I've tried burn/sting while they're drying (sensitive eyelids? idk). I thought Stila's lip glosses were decent (even though I hate lip gloss), the kitten eyeshadow is really beautiful (though it does shatter super easily), the angelfish eyeliner is AHHHmazing (and I'm frustrated that it isn't sold separately), their concealer is meh (but I mean, nothing compares to the NARS stuff, at least for me), their primers don't break me out (which is rare), and the luminizer was natural-looking (even if I think it's a pointless product). I also like that the packaging isn't gimmicky.
      Whew, sorry for the novel. Probably wasn't even that helpful.

    3. No, that's definitely helpful! Thanks. I haven't tried much, so I don't even know where to begin. Almost everything I know about more expensive brands comes from other people. I haven't tried the liquid liner - good point, because nice liquid liner seems much harder to find than good pencil liner.


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