Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why BB Cream is Bullshit (from Beauty and the Bullshit)

Yay, Rowena is back and blogging. One of my very favorite blogs. Here she explains why labeling products as BB creams (or CC or whatever) is marketing bullshit.


  1. I've seen a few different posts like this from different authors, and while I agree in principle (BB creams are basically just foundation/tinted moisturizer by a funny name) I think it's kind of a leap to assume that people don't already know that. BB creams have been on the market long enough now that most people have probably realized they're not magic unicornsauce. That said, I have tried a couple of BBs that performed really well as foundation. They didn't turn my face into a golden nugget though.

    1. Maybe, and I think that is definitely true of people who read a lot of beauty blogs/magazines. But I still see/hear a lot of people asking, "What's BB cream?" For those who have heard of it, it makes sense that they would assume that it is a product that belongs in a separate category from foundation and tinted moisturizer, so this is a useful way of breaking it down. I've also seem people arguing that BB cream is just another name for tinted moisturizer, but as this points out, the range of coverage is much wider, and the other "benefits" are things you can also find in both products labeled foundations and those labeled tinted moisturizers.

    2. My point being that this particular post makes a few points that I haven't seen other critiques of BB cream making! (Must remember to have a point. Ha.)


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