Friday, May 16, 2014

Tarina Tarantino is on HauteLook 50-60% off

I was looking forward to this one. Most of the Tarina Tarantino eyeshadows get A+ ratings from Temptalia, and reliable sources praise the blushes and lipsticks too! I have some of the eyeliners, which are also fantastic (especially when discounted). It seems like not a lot of people have heard of this brand outside of bloggers, but I'd like to try some more.

Shipping is $6 and usual takes a couple of weeks. You need an account to browse HauteLook, so here is my invite link, if you'd like to use it.


  1. I just bought there sparkle spray shit in color Aurora. I admit I love looking shimmery even though I am like 33 years old. But who the fuck cares, as long as I glow like a disco ball I am alright :-)

  2. have a few of their eyeliners (Amethyst Android, Ultraviolet, and Glamorous Thief) and a couple of their blushes (Parasol and Carved Rose). I think the eyeliners are comparable to Urban Decay; not totally opaque in a single swipe, but they build well. Ultraviolet is my favorite; I had to resist the urge to repurchase even though I know I won't run out soon! The blushes are lovely as well; Parasol is a nice peachy-pink with some shimmer and Carved Rose is a well-pigmented, matte cool pink. I just ordered a backup of Carved Rose because I cracked the shit out of my existing one while depotting it (story of my life) but love it so much that I want one I can take on a trip without the risk of total structural collapse. Probably my favorite blush, actually.

    1. That's really helpful to know, thanks! I think I need to use up at least one blush before I'm allowed to buy any more.


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