Friday, April 11, 2014

HauteLook Lip Beauty Bag $24: What do you think?

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For $24 (plus shipping) you get a makeup bag with 10 items in it. It includes a LORAC lip gloss, a Laura Geller lipstick, a NYX lip liner, and some tools, among other things. You can check it all out here. One of the items is a Mirenesse Lip Bomb, which I once got in a Birchbox, and honestly wasn't very impressed with. It's basically a liquid lipstick, like a very very pigmented lip gloss, that's kind of messy and wears off in an ugly way.

Do you think it's worth it? Does it look exciting to you? I'm really asking. I have a couple of credits (thanks to whomever used my link!), and I wonder if this is a good way to spend them or not.


  1. I'm usually on the fence with HauteLook's beauty bags since they tend to only have one or two items I'm actually interested in, and the last thing I need in my life are more hair ties. I'm such a lip product hoarder, though and this bag's really speaking to me, haha. I' think I'm going to give this one a try; I've been wanting to try the Laura Geller lipstick and the Lord & Berry pencil (the price of those two together is more than the price of the beauty bag), plus NYX tends to do decent lip liners and the swatches of the Lorac gloss seem pretty enough.

    1. That sounds like a better justification then mine. I really don't need more lip stuff, and almost everything looks fine, but not super exciting for me. I think I might be talking myself out of this one.

  2. If there was more variation in color I would be more interested. But since I have enough red lip products for at least the next 50 years I've forbidden myself from reds. That reusable lip gloss wand thing seemed interesting tho, but when the fuck have I ever used a whole bottle of gloss?

  3. Nothing there that I really want to have to have (not that I ever really have to have anything beauty-wise), so looks like my wallet is safe.


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