Monday, March 24, 2014

Is the new OPI glitter base coat any better than plain old white glue? (from Gotham Polish)

Here's a very thorough and useful review of the new OPI base coat for glitter polishes, which seems to just be some white school glue in a nail polish bottle sold for $9. Quite the racket they have going there. Bravo.

Glitter nail polish is notoriously difficult to remove with regular nail polish remover. It makes sense, when you think about it. You have solid chunks covering your nail, which makes it hard for the remover to get underneath and dissolve the polish adhering them to your nails. Using this kind of glue base coat is supposed to allow you to just pop the polish off without using remover. It seems that it pops off very, very easily. Too easily. Like mysteriously disappearing from your fingers in a middle of a meal. Bleh.

Gotham Polish ultimately decides that she's going to keep using it, because it's easier to apply than regular glue. Personally, based on the reviews I've read, I'd be much more inclined to clean up an old nail polish brush or get a cheap art brush and use that to apply glue, since you can buy 10 times as much for an eighth the price. (I'm estimating. It might be even cheaper.) Since white craft glue is water soluble (I think? I remember washing it out my my clothing as a kid), you should be able to just wash the brush and reuse it next time.

Honestly, I tend to have no problem popping glitter polish off when I've used a regular base coat, so I doubt I would even go that far. Peeling off nail polish is one of my great compulsive delights. I'm not recommending you do that, though, since it can weaken your nails.

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